Studio A

Without any compromise, 'mb akustik' designed this room acoustically. Pleasant light and comfortable furniture provide for a creative and productive environment.

A fully analog equipped control room with a size of 35m² and a cozy atmosphere with natural light invites you to work and make music.

Our 56-Channel Amek Hendrix console is the heart of this room. Combined with our outboard equipment it allows to always work with an analog signal path.

Studio B

Utilizing the legendary Sony Oxford R3 console, control room B provides you all the possibilities of realising even the biggest sessions - up to 5.1 Surround on a 25m² footprint.

The Eve-Audio SC408 monitoring system, wich is our special 'ear and eye-candy', is the perfect tool to let you make the best intuitive mixing decisions by placing you 'in the music'.

The OXF-R3 console, a great acoustically treated room, and a wide range of outboard-equipment help you realising big and complex projects in music, film or advertising.

Live room 1

With 55m² Live-Room 1 got enough space to record from a single musician up to a complete big band and adds its great acoustic character to a recording if needed

Like all rooms at High Tide Studios, the acoustic behaviour of the Live-Room is great and controllable. You can change it to fit your needs and taste.

Live room 2

Live-Room 2 was particularly designed for isolating instruments acoustically for best audio-quality. It works great for for guitar-amps, loud instruments or vocals.

Parallel recordings in both Live-Rooms are no problem with our acustically decoupled Live-Room 2. All instruments remain isolated and clean without sounding dull or dead.


Take a seat, lean back and relax! If you need a break you can sit, talk and rest or have an epic battle with us on our gaming-consoles in our comfy lounge!

No music without food! You can cook your meal in our fully equipped kitchen, eat, talk & philosophize about the world's problems at our dining table.

We have plenty of parking-space just in front of our studio. Just park here, unload your equipment without any exhausting stairs and rock on!

Equipment list